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This Dante is from the first game, meaning he is no longer the angry, over-the-top warrior from the third game and is not yet the playfully laid back man from the fourth.

IC Contact

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[For Anthony Redgrave]
(Personal NV)

Outgoing Message: "Hi, I'm not available right now. If you are calling to collect a loan, gambling debt, or other obligation, please press one and fuck off. If you are selling any product or service, or requesting charitable donations, please press two and hang up. Otherwise, press three and leave your message. Pressing three is optional. Heh"

[For the Devil May Cry]

There is no outgoing message from the machine connected to the old rotary phone, but if you leave the password the proprietor of the DMC will get back to you. If he feels like it.


May. 5th, 2012 01:11 am
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---Player Permissions---

Offensive Subjects: None to speak of, I am hard to offend.
Threadjacking: Obviously, if it's a filtered or encrypted thread then no. Otherwise? Threadjack at will.
Backtagging: I am perfectly happy to backtag
Fourthwalling: We'll have to discuss it! Dante is very secretive and the Cry universe's fourth wall is firmly in place.

---General Info/Permissions---

Medical info: Dante is not human, though he appears to be (aside from the small fangs). His bone and muscle density are greater than a human's which gives him considerable weight. He is agile nevertheless, since he's had this unusual quality his whole life. Being half demonic, his body has slightly different methods of thermoregulation from the norm and his core body temperature is higher than a human's. That temperature can rise when he starts to Trigger.

What's okay to mention around him: Anything is fair game, but Dante is cagey about his true nature and won't take well to people asking him for details about his personal life. He won't lash out necessarily, he'll usually just become withdrawn.

Notes for the psychics: A glance into Dante's mind shows that he typically has many, many surface thoughts buzzing around but is trying not to have any deeper thoughts than those. Demons of his world have innate psychic ability so probing deep into his thoughts might be met with some resistance, but not enough to keep a dedicated mentalist away. Controlling his mind is met with a great deal of resistance thanks to the strength of his will.

Depending on the nature of the psychic's abilities, Dante might know they're poking around in his head.

Detecting his true nature: If your character has canonical abilities that could allow them to sense Dante's true nature, odds are that they'll work on him. He has no illusion magic he can use to fully disguise himself.

Abilities: Quite a few

Short version: He is incredibly strong and agile, able to regenerate from grievous injury, able to use swords and guns with equal levels of expertise, and can assume the form of a demon. Ripping out his heart or cutting off his head are the only sure ways to kill him.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Well, ask me first but I can't imagine why not.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Dante, at this point in the canon, has a tendency to flinch (mentally more than physically) when people try to touch him. He's just not used to affection. He will not react violently, though.

Flirting: Absolutely, and he'll probably flirt back. Unless your character is a guy, in which case Dante will graciously accept the compliment.

Maim/murder/death: Ask me first, but bear in mind that he's very difficult to kill. That said, I'll consider anything for the sake of a plot. Nothing is ruled out.

Fighting this character: Sure, but know that, despite the fact that he seems to treat combat like a game, Dante has a personal rule that he will always finish a fight once he's in one (he almost never starts a fight himself). He'll kill, disable or fight until the enemy surrenders. He is not likely to ever surrender unless it's to save someone else. This is true even if he finds himself losing; he'll keep swinging until he's destroyed. (This doesn't apply to dueling him, he enjoys sparring.)


Dante can sense supernatural creatures, especially demons, by scent and the honed senses of a hunter, and can detect them over a great distance. Being a secretive man himself, he won't share your character's secret with anyone (whether your character is evil or not). If your character is trying to live peacefully with humans, he may even try to help in his own way.


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"On his dreadful journey, after the shaman has wandered through dark forests and over great ranges of mountains, . . . he reaches an opening in the ground. The most difficult stage of his journey now begins. The depths of the underworld open before him."

-Uno Harva, quoted by Joseph Campbell in
Hero with a Thousand Faces

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