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NOTE: When dealing with the Cry mythos, it is often necessary to use headcanon. Most of these details are inspired by interviews with Kamiya or by details from the "expanded universe". I use parts of the first novel for his backstory, but not the Gilver part or the epilogue since DMC3/the DMC3 manga has solidly bumped those parts out of continuity.

  • Born in the small Port Town of Morris Island. After the town was burned down by a demon looking for him and his brother, his mother Eva relocated them to a remote cabin.

  • Went by the name of Anthony "Tony" Redgrave in public and chose to go by this name for a long time after Eva's death.

  • As Tony Redgrave he worked as a mercenary and killed a few humans in that time but only ever as a last resort. Since opening the Devil May Cry and operating as "Dante" he's vowed to never harm a human being again. He is worried that if he does a demonic bloodlust may come over him that will devour everything in its path.

  • Ebony and Ivory were created by Nell Goldstein of the shop .45 Caliber Works (the sign read ".45 Caliber Warks")

  • Nell was killed by the Dark Raid, just like Eva. Her shop burned down around her as she finished making the guns

  • I think of DMC 4 as taking place years after the first game rather than only a few months. Characterization-wise, this makes more sense to me. Plus Trish has a line in the anime (English version at least) where she suggests she's known Dante for years. This canon is confusing.

  • He never stopped loving Vergil, though he did stop liking him. He always knew only one of the two of them would live but he's still never forgiven himself for having to kill his own twin.

  • Part of Eva's soul is bound to the Perfect Amulet as the mother who still wants to guard her children. Eva brought Trish back to life to aid Dante in his last stand against Mundus

  • Fangs: He has them.

  • He blames himself for the deaths of Eva, Vergil, Nell and the people of Morris Island. The loyal friendship of Trish and Lady is slowly easing him out of his repressed grief.

  • Much like his Trigger form as a teenager (DMC3) his Trigger with Rebellion at his current age is capable of flight.

  • When he was impaled by Vergil on top of Temen-ni-gru, he died but a part of his demonic soul fused into the Rebellion and brought him back to life. Since then, he is most easily able to Trigger using demon souls bound to Devil Arms. He does still have his own true demonic form, however: The Majin.

  • He grew up with no actual male role models and tends to get along with women more easily than other men.

  • He gave Trish the Perfect Amulet and his father's sword then took her in as a partner because he had a deep, subconscious need to protect her along with his genuine fondness for her. She has Eva's face, and he was unable to save Eva. Over time, however, the genuine fondness blossomed into friendship. She no longer works with him but when he looks at her now, he sees Eva less and less is starting to properly see Trish for Trish.

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